Our story has only begun.

Frank Gipson - Owner/Founder

Mission Statement
A clean work environment is not only a safe work environment, but it is also a sustainable work environment. Geaux4Green is commited to the health, safety, and sustainability of every client we serve.

On our family's weekly drives to church, I noticed our city's growing need for litter clean-up. However, week after week, this became more than a mere observation. It became a personal concern. I was concerned about the city I had grown up in and loved. As a former General Motors employee, I knew the direct connection between a clean city and its ability to attract and sustain business development in the area. Further, I was raised on the idea that "if you believe something needs improvement, be willing to invest your time, energy, and/or finances toward doing so." With this mindset, Geaux4Green was born. This vision expanded to include industrial cleaning in 2021. As an industrial worker at heart (10 years at General Motors, 7 years at General Electric, and three years at Benteler Steel), I know first-hand the benefits of a clean work environment. We are committed to providing eco-friendly, low maintenance service leaving you with a healthier, safer, more efficient work space. Our motto is "it's GEAUX time!" because we keep GEAUXING until the job is not only done but done WELL.

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